European Food Safety Authority Video on Chemical Mixtures and Food Safety

Food may contain different chemicals, both natural and man-made. The number of combinations is infinite and the sources many: food, medicines or consumer goods like cosmetics. But exposure to multiple chemicals is not harmful under normal levels of exposure. High margins of safety used in current regulatory systems address potential cumulative effects …

CEFIC and ECPA on European Criteria for Identifying Endocrine Disruptors

European regulation requires the development of scientific criteria for the identification of endocrine disruptors and work is ongoing within the EU to prepare these criteria. Consistent with global regulatory approaches, the crop protection industry believes that endocrine disruptors should be treated like any other substance of potential concern and subject …

European Food Safety Authority Video on Low-Dose Effects in Chemical Risk Assessment

Some chemicals might have a harmful effect on our health and safety depending on our level of exposure to them. Scientists generally assume that such effects are proportional to the amount or “dose:” The more you are exposed to them, the more likely the possibility of an effect. However, some …

BASF Crop Protection Video on Testing of Crop Protection Products

Can crop protection products enhance food production without damaging the environment? At BASF Crop Protection, a dedicated team works on environmental research to ensure products do not harm soil and aquatic organisms, birds, mammals and bees. Learn about the basic principles of ecotoxicology and environmental protection.

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The American Chemistry Council provides information about the science, public policy discussion and perspectives on exposures to natural or man-made substances and any potential effects on the endocrine system. It also lists important scientific papers.