Endocrine Disruptors: Science is More Potent Than Politics by Scientists for Scientific European Commission Regulation

A large group of scientists from across various sectors are supporting an appeal to the European Commission regarding its proposed regulation to establish criteria for identifying endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), noted Eurativ.com on 14 September 2016 as a preface to an editorial by Christopher J. Borgert, Daniel R. Dietrich, Gio Batta Gori, Terry F. Quill, et al. These and other Scientists for Scientific European Commission Regulation support the views expressed in the editorial as well as Borgert’s comment to the European Commission about its criteria for identifying EDCs.

“By relying entirely on the World Health Organisation’s International Programme on Chemical Safety definition, a key element that would allow practical implementation of the Commission’s proposed criteria has been omitted: potency,” the authors wrote.

“Ironically, some who advocate the precautionary principle oppose including potency even though it is the key to ensuring the precautionary identification of EDCs. A brief background explains how the politics of endocrine disruptors are preventing a solution based on well-established science.”

Read full editorial here.

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